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We are a Black-Owned Organization that focuses on spreading awareness of several 501(c)8 Not-For-Profit programs/benefits/resources that was created to support and give a helping hand to underprivileged communities, yet isn’t being fully utilized simply because most don’t know they exist. We are passionate about teaching people how to have more resources come into our communities to make a difference.

Some of the Free Not-For-Profit 501(c)8 Programs:

-Community Grants: funding to plan and organize, hands on, one day volunteer activities in your community, multiple times per year - up to $2000 max. (Ex: care packages, back to school drives/giveaways, food drives, clothing drives, hygiene kits)

-Online Learning Enrichment Programs: Over 200 Courses (Microsoft courses, Cyber security, Biz management, Project Management, Technology, Finance (understanding your 401k/IRA, Retirement planning).

-Parental Legacy Program: Gives $900 per month per child in child support & $24,000 for high education per child, if orphaned.

-Scholarship Program: 300+ Scholarships given away annually- $10,000 each ($2500 for 4 years)

-Fun Family Events: Allows you to apply to go to fun attractions for free with your family and other local policy owners (Ex: Kings Dominion, Busch Gardens, Six Flags, Regional Baseball or basketball games, The Zoo or Aquarium, etc.)

All of these programs cost the individual absolutely nothing. That is why knowledge is so important to our community.

We believe everyone should know about this. Unfortunately, the percentage in the actual community that is aware of this, is less than 1%. We desire to change that... significantly. And make a difference in our community.

We have been in operation over 13 years, serving our community. The need is great, so we are looking for help. This is a 1099 position (independent and completely flexible schedule based on when you want to work).

This position is best for people looking for part time work. It's ideal for those that have limited availability but need to make the hours count. This allows people to make great money on the side because our model teaches the average part timer how to realistically make $24,000-$31,500 on the side.

We only promote from within so for those that are truly passionate about this movement, there are ways to grow significantly in title, responsibility, and income within the company. Entire divisions will be needing more leadership as we continue to grow and that pays well into six figures plus ownership rights.

To apply:
Set up a time and are scheduled for an initial phone interview (5-10 mins). We look forward to speaking to you.

Address:1964 tigertail blvd

More info: compensation: $35-$50 average per hour part-time (Work From Home)
employment type: part-time
job title: Work from Home
non-profit organization

Comp Expat
United States, miami , (google map)
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