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This is a golden opportunity for the right candidate!!

After over 20 years of running my business(s) i have really had enough of being the ceo, coo, cfo,cmo, purchasing manager, sales department, idea guy, problem solver and EVERYTHING in between. It leaves very little time for the finer things in life like yachting, children, golfing vacationing etc.

Im basically looking for someone that wants to run all my automotive themed businesses like it was their own in exchange for a very handsome salary, ill even throw in bonuses too.

We have numerous locations/warehouses across the lower mainland because it was always easier to just expand and buy another than to actually move out of the last one, some of the "last ones" also turned into rentals so dealing with that is an element of the job as well.

Im thinking if i found the right person they would really be able to take this to the next level, however i am just not THAT motivated anymore.

I certainly plan to work most days but would rather do the things i like doing instead of the things i dont like doing but have to. I am highly proficient at finding things to make money on, buying them right and keeping costs under control and getting things going in the right direction, but really maximizing the infrastructure and hiring/dealing with more staff is certainly not my forte, we currently run a staff of 10.

I would even consider training the right younger HIGHLY motivated (like i used to be a couple of short decades ago) person.

Compensation is very negotiable but i can assure you youll make enough to afford your own home in due time.

If this sounds like your cup of tea send me an email explaining why your the ideal candidate.

Address:7611 No. 9 Rd

More info: compensation: salary plus bonus
employment type: full-time
job title: manager

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