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As previously mentioned, the following is some additional information that you should be aware of regarding the contract at the Lafarge Richmond Concrete Plant.

To re-iterate: this is a labour-intensive job that will have you working in and around silica dust doing a wide variety of different tasks. These tasks include but are not limited to:
- Sweeping silica dust

- Cleaning up spills

- Operating a jackhammer

- Using a vacuum hose

- Shovelling/wheelbarrow use

- Working in confined spaces

- Following directions of the site supervisor

Lafarge will provide you with a respirator and overalls however it is recommended to supplement this with a set of separate work clothes to wear while on the job. Site safety requirements are also
as follows:

- Clean shaven to ensure proper respirator fit

- No jewelry (earrings included)

- Steel toe boots

Wages will start at $26/hr with regular OT (x1.5) applied after 8 hours and double OT (x2) applied after 10 hours. Any weekend work will begin at double OT (x2). You will need to be available Monday-Friday. Work is scheduled for 3-weeks straight and then 1-week off. Contract is 3 months long from your start date.

As a professional courtesy and word of caution - Lafarge operates on a very tight schedule and will not tolerate any sort of tardiness or absence. You will need to be on site by 6:45am and ready to work by 7:00am.

Please familiarize yourself with the directions to the job site either online or as follows:

- East down Westminster Hwy

- Right on No. 9 Rd

- Follow road down to Lafarge Richmond plant

If you have any other questions about the job please do not hesitate to reach out to me and I will answer them to the best of my abilities

Address:7611 No. 9 Rd

More info: compensation: Lafarge is a union based company so the hourly rate will be fixated at $26.32
employment type: full-time
job title: General Labourer

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