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• Plan and/or conduct small and/or large group language classes, both in person and remotely, using a wide
variety of language teaching methodologies and techniques, stressing speaking, listening comprehension, and
reading skills. In most cases, the Government will provide the teaching materials. Using the foreign language
as a tool to accomplish United States Government objectives is the ultimate goal of the training that SLS
• Use established training materials and work collaboratively and closely with other instructors.
• Provide students with encouragement and constructive feedback.
• Apply classroom management techniques to provide a respectful, student-centered environment conducive to
• Conduct informal or formal progress evaluations and/or administer weekly quizzes and assessments to
evaluate student progress.
• Attend all section and other meetings as appropriate.
• Incorporate the use of instructional technology into the instructional program as appropriate.
• Maintain an online classroom environment through the FSI Learning Management System (LMS).

Required Qualifications:
• A minimum of three (3) years of experience teaching adult learners the foreign language they will be
providing to FSI in a classroom setting (2 or more students).
• BA/BS, MA/MS, or Ph.D., or foreign equivalent degree(s) in any field.
• A minimum of three (3) years of experience teaching foreign language with proficiency-based or task- based
• A minimum of one (1) year of experience administering proficiency-based assessments (i.e., serving as an FSI
tester or rater, administering DLPT or ACTFL OPI exams, administering proficiency or task-based quizzes
or weekly assessments as part of a standard language curriculum).
• A minimum English proficiency level of a 2:2 on the ILR proficiency scale.

Address:1721 Rogers Ave. Unit S

More info: compensation: DOE - 10 Hours per Week
employment type: full-time

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